Coolest Boss Ever Lets Staff Take Mornings Off To Watch Game Of Thrones

Dan Rice, 24, doesn't want his staff to have to find out any spoilers...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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We may have discovered the coolest boss in the world. No disrespect to* The Debrief*'s big bosses, but Dan Rice, who runs Birmingham-based website (PLUG!) is such a cool dude, he's letting his employees come into work late on Mondays so they can catch up with Game of Thrones before a day's slog.

The staff were so annoyed about getting spoilers for the fantasy drama in their eyelines when using the internet at work that they wouldn't stop making a fuss.

So Dan gives all staff Monday morning off so they can watch at work using Sky Anytime (PLUG!), an on-demand service which means you can watch an episode of Game Of Thrones 11 hours before it airs on TV (seriously, who needs adverts when you've got gems like this) .

‘After the last series, a lot of our employees were getting really annoyed about accidentally seeing spoilers. A few of them were distraught after learning about the Red Wedding episode online.'

Dan, who is just 24, explained to The Metro that, instead of just telling his staff to get off of Twitter, he conceded that they needed to use the internet, working for a website and all: ‘We decided to put something in place to stop these incidents occurring.’

He reminds us a lot of the Belgian teacher who, instead of threatening naughty children with detention, would threaten any kid behaving like a bit of a Joffrey in the classroom with Game Of Thrones spoilers.

Game of Thrones, which, if you're not watching already, you definitely should, because it's basically Cruel Intentions but with dragons and a bit of violence and a man called Jon Snow who is very sexy and a woman called Khaleesi whose power can barely be described without us having to fan ourselves, has now reached such cultural velocity we're placing bets on which politician's going to come out in support of the show first ahead of the next election.

That's if any of them are willing to admit how much they're into a show which is basically full of sneaky people trying to clamber their way to the top.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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