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The Welsh Gold Mine Favoured By Three Generations Of Royals Will Re-Open After 20 Years

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Clogau St. David’s, the Welsh mine that produced the gold used for wedding rings worn by three generations of the royal family, is set to re-open after nearly 20 years.

After the Queen Mother chose a wedding band fashioned from Clogau gold in 1923, the Queen, Princes Margaret, Princess Anne and Diana, Princess of Wales all wore rings made from the same nugget of Welsh gold.

The mine closed in 1998, as less and less gold was being found on the site in Bontddu, North Wales. Now, though, Clogau has been described as having potential for expansion, with Alba Mineral Resources taking a 49 percent stake in Gold Mines of Wales Limited, the company which owns Clogau. It’s thought that the mine will re-open later in 2018.

‘The opportunity presented by this project is pretty unique – high grade gold in the heart of the United Kingdom, and the fact that Welsh gold attracts a significant premium,’ said George Frangeskides, executive chairman of Alba, in a statement.

‘The historic connections of Welsh gold with the heritage of the United Kingdom and the potential for finding more gold in the vastly under-explored exploration ground make a strong case for investment,’ he added.

The original nugget from which the wedding rings of the Queen and her family is thought to be almost exhausted, and while the ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge was made from Welsh gold, the precise source was never disclosed by the Palace.

Back in 2011, Clarence House released a statement explaining that ‘the wedding ring that Catherine Middleton will wear will be made of Welsh gold. The gold was given to Prince William by The Queen shortly after the couple were engaged.’

‘It has been in the family’s possession for some years and has been in the care of the royal jewellers. There are no further details on which mine the gold was mined from,’ it added.

When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry in May, it’s very likely that she will take her cues from other royal brides and opt for a gold wedding band.

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