Cindy Crawford’s Holiday Is The Ultimate In #FamilyGoals

Cindy Crawford

by Edwina Langley |
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We're all familiar with the 'family holiday snap'... the one where, mid-fight with your siblings, you arrive at 'the landmark' and are required to place your differences aside for precisely one minute whilst you put on a show of familial unity, say 'cheese' in your widest grin, and produce that winning snap to send to your grandmother.

If you're a Gerber/Crawford however, the reality couldn't be further from this. In fact, you're the definition of #FamilyGoals... at least, you are if your recent Grand Canyon snap is anything to go by.

In fact, so #FamilyGoals is it, Cindy even hashtagged it '#notthegriswalds', in reference to National Lampoon's Vactation – where the Griswald family (headed-up by Chevy Chase) go on a disastrous holiday – ergo implying her own family vacation was actually a raging success.

The picture features Presley Gerber (16) posing next to his mother, Cindy Crawford (50), **sister model Kaia Gerber ** and father Rande Geber (53). The quartet seem in fine spirits, dressed casually in tees and trousers, as they smile for the camera.

Indeed, Presley showed what further fun he went on to have by posting a video to Instagram of some rather treacherous rock-climbing; daredevil tactics his father also chronicled via his own Instagram account.

Amusingly, Presley captioned his post '@cindycrawford wasn't too happy about this #grandcanyon'...

...huh, wait a second... Cindy Crawford 'wasn't too happy'? Cindy got cross? It wasn't all sweetness and light?

Maybe they're not so #FamilyGoals after all...

Nah, who are we kidding?!

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