Chrissy Teigen’s Avocado Swimsuit Is Everything

chrissy teigen

by Edwina Langley |

We love avocados – on toast, in a salad, on pizza, as guacamole, in our juice drinks, as a face mask, as part of a fruit bowl decoration, in our WhatsApp chats as that emoji... How do we like our avocados in the morning? In every way imaginable.

So it was only a matter of time before someone decided that we would therefore love avocados on our clothes. No, not clothes made of avocado – although that is an idea – we mean, beautiful avocado prints adorning our clothes.

Enter Mott50. And Chrissy Teigen.

Yesterday, model and cook Chrissy posted a picture to Instagram announcing it was the last day of her cookbook shoot. What was the picture of? One of her dishes? The fresh ingredients? The washing up yet to be done...? Nope!

Chrissy's snap showed her carrying her gorgeous daughter Luna, both dressed in identical Mott50 avocado swimsuits.

We know – TOO MUCH!

Mott50 describes itself as 'the first anti-aging fashion collection with built-in sun protection' and the swimsuit in question is called the Kelly (the miniature version, the 'Mini Mila'). It is made from 'quick drying UPF 50 fabric', so swimming enthusiasts can splash around in the water without fearing those UV rays – genius!

A quick peek at their website reveals there are still Kelly swimsuits available, in sizes XS, L, and XL. If you're after a Small or Medium, however, you'll have to join a waitlist. Harrumph!

Chrissy's new cookbook will be her second. Her first,Cravings, was released in the States last year and featured such recipes as Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Mac 'n' Cheese.

What tasty dishes will her next book include? Can we hazard a guess?

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