Chris Brown Spends First Days Out Of Jail Hanging With Justin Bieber

They've also teamed up with Akon on a song that's already very annoying…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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We've all watched enough Orange Is The New Black to get an idea of what we'd do the first moment we got out of prison. But obviously as great as the series is, it's hardly a way of working our way into Chris Brown's psyche. (That's probably for the best, to be honest).

Which is why the mind boggles as to why he's spending his earliest days of freedom with Justin Bieber. Chris got out of a Los Angeles prison on 12 June, after an 80-day stint in prison following almost a month in rehab. He'd been locked up as he'd violated probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna by getting into a fight. At a party to celebrate getting out, he tweeted, 'Humbled and blessed. Back to the music and the fans… thank you GOD' and then two days later he's hanging out with Justin Bieber of all people.

Using the simple caption 'Studio', the pop star who has as many controversial moments under his belt as tattoos on his sleeves, posted to Instagram a photo of him and Chris with Akon and a couple of other people (we should work out who they are but to be honest once you've got Akon, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown on a track, you know it's unlistenable, unredeemable by no-one, especially someone we don't recognise on sight).

The second photo was uploaded last night (16 June) with both of them looking pretty expressionless and 'whevs', as male R&B singers tend to do. Chris is in a bucket hat, FYI. Justin captioned the photo of them both: 'Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.' And though our annoyance at the prospect of those two crooning on songs together is palpable, there's a positive in that, if they unite, it won't be a case of their bad hype cancelling each other out, but that they'll end up dragging each other down. We can dream, right?

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