Chris Brown Sent Rihanna A Happy Birthday Text, They Started Chatting… You Know How It Goes.

It seems the doors of communication have been reopened


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It happens to the best of us. That text from an ex that you respond to politely, only for it to open the floodgates of communication.

However, most of us haven’t been rendered unconscious due to choking by said ex, as is the case with Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Brown reportedly texted Princess RiRi on her birthday on February 20, and now her friends are petrified she will go back to him:

‘Chris started texting Rihanna on her birthday [Feb. 20], and the two have been sending each other a flurry of texts ever since,’ a source close to the singers told Page Six. ‘Rihanna didn’t write back right away. . . but later that night she started getting sentimental and texted back, ‘Thank you,’ and asked how he was. Since then, the two haven’t stopped texting each other and friends are freaked out that she’s going to start dating him again’.

However, another source said it was Rihanna that texted Brown first, which we sincerely hope is not true! But we don’t want to be too emphatic about it – you know how people get when you try to keep them apart, it just pushes them closer together.

Rihanna had a birthday party in Aspen last weekend before flying to Paris to meet up with Drake (another ex) and even performed with him onstage on Tuesday night. Why can't she start texting him instead?!?

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