Chris Brown Gives Advice On Dignity To The Woman He Cheated On

Oh, and he got a girl pregnant while going out with Karrueche Tran…

Chris Brown

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Chris Brown does pretty well in the dickhead award stakes, doesn’t he?

To give you a little update on what the crooner’s been up to, the singer has a nine-month-old daughter, called Royalty, who he fathered outside of his relationship with Karrueche Tran. Like, he didn’t just cheat on her, he got an old friend, Nia Amey, pregnant.

Anyway, Karrueche has dumped Chris – let’s ignore the point she probs never should’ve gone out with him in the first place, we all date shit people at one point or another – and is out having a great time.

Of course she’s taking loads of photos of herself to prove what a great time she’s having, because that’s what heartbroken people do. Plus, she’s been uploading half-nudie photos of herself for ages – in fact, Chris used to upload some of the images too himself.

So it really wasn’t weird or untoward of her to upload to Instagram a photo of herself in a bikini having a great time. What was weird – but sadly so expected – was Chris Brown adding this comment:

‘Thirst trap 101. [‘whatevs’ emoji] continue to be a lady beautiful… U are perfect… Don’t let the Thot form from anger’

OK, to decipher, ‘thirst’ is horniness, and a Thot is like a ho (it stands for ‘that ho over there’)

And to go further, here we have Chris Brown, a man who slagged around so much he got another girl pregnant, telling the woman whose heart he broke how to behave. He’s also suggesting that uploading a photo of yourself looking great in a bikini is suggesting something about your sexual availability. Like, creepy much?

Memo to Chris: stop trying so hard. We get it! You’re a massive prick!

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