Chloe Green And ‘Hot Felon’ Don’t Get Dad’s Seal Of Approval

The Topshop heiress is dating the hot felon - do you think her dad, worth £3.2 billion, is happy about it?

Chloe Green And ‘Hot Felon’ Don’t Get Dad’s Seal Of Approval

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Seeing ex-felon Jeremy Meeks at any other angle than that of the mugshot taken of him in 2014 when he went viral for being so beautiful, is strange enough. But seeing him on a multimillion pound yacht in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Turkey, clinging onto Chloe Green, as in Made In Chelsea’s Chloe Green, as in Topshop heiress Chloe Green, is even stranger.

What reality TV programme did they meet on? What do they talk about? Are the cuddles and affection really a sign of mutual attraction between a man who, according to TMZ, once beat a 16-year-old to a ‘bloody pulp’ and has previous convictions for grand theft auto and firearm possession, and a woman who’s set to inherit a portion of her father’s £3.8billion fortune?

And, um, what will Jeremy’s wife, the mother of his three children, who stuck by the 32-year-old throughout his various prison stays over the past eight years, say?

No news yet on what Melissa Meeks, who lives back in Stockton, California, has got to say on this - although she has posted what one popular showbiz website calls a ‘sultry selfie’ to Instagram, apparently to show Jeremy what he’s missing.

Who we have heard from on this odd relationship (one of Jeremy’s last Instagram posts is him sitting on the edge of the boat over an azure sea, with the caption ‘All things are possible !!!’) is Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green’s father.

Asked by The Telegraph for comment on his daughter’s relationship with a married, albeit beautiful, ex-felon, he said: ‘With respect, I am not getting involved in it’.

It sounds as him Sir Philip isn't keep on Jeremy, but funnily enough, they might have some common ground, or well, common not-ground. Though Sir Philip is still allowed to enter the UK, he prefers not to for tax reasons (i.e., he might have to actually pay some) and in April, Jeremy was turned back by UK Border Control after being questioned about his previous offences.

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