Charly Jordan Denies Holding A Party in LA Where People Must Show Their Followers to Enter

This might be the most LA thing we've ever heard...

Charly Jordan insta followers party

by Beth Ashley |

Influencer, model, and DJ Charly Jordan is hitting back after a viral video appeared to accuse her of forcing attendees to show their follower counts in order to gain entry to her party. Jordan is a DJ, model and influencer who amassed a huge following of 12 million across her Instagram and TikTok. However, the model is facing backlash after another TikTok user uploaded a video claiming that Jordan asked people to show their social media follower counts before being able to gain entry to her party.

The video reads ‘I thought y’all were kidding but you seriously gotta show your follower count to get into a party?!!! LA is something different” on the screen and is captioned ‘like I thought this was a joke. also ur fav ‘influencers’ are all rude as sh!t’ has received viral attention.

One million likes and almost 7,000 comments later, the influencer is facing some serious criticism. “That’s really depressing - imagine your self worth being based on how many people keep up with your life,” comments one user. ‘Everyone is more focused on how they are perceived on social media than they are as a real person, it’s embarrassing really.”

In the TikTok comments and over on Twitter, many are likening the claims to Black Mirror - which featured an episode where people’s literal value depended on the likes and personal reviews of other people. “What in the black mirror is this shit?” one TikTok user responded.

While this video doesn’t explicitly call out Charly Jordan or say it’s her party, the comments are filled with speculation over it being Jordan’s party, and many claim they were made to adhere to the same rules to enter. One well-known TikToker, released a follow-up video explaining the situation in-depth, but it’s since been deleted.

But Jordan has denied these claims. The influencer explained that the follower count situation had been misconstrued. The party had become so chaotic as strangers attempted to enter, and Charly says she only wanted her friends to be there. So, security asked attendees to show their followers so they could see if Charly followed them. They allegedly told attendees ‘If Charly follows you, we’ll let you in.’

Hitting back at the accusations on Instagram, she uploaded a story featuring a pouty selfie with overlaid text explaining her side. ‘Lol at people lying because they're mad they couldn’t get into my party. Little girls on TikTok making videos saying we asked to see the follower count to get in.’

She claims this wasn’t the case, but she was just trying to let only her friends in. ‘I was trying to let my friends in, not all the randoms that showed up and destroyed my property and jumped my gate, which I’m now having to pay for. Why would I let strangers into my house? People are so rude.’

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