Charlotte Church Admits That Becoming Famous At 11 Was A ‘Pressure Cooker’ On Her Family Relationships

'There was a couple of kidnap plots when I was a kid, a whole load of stress and pressure.'

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In a candid appearance on This Morning yesterday, Charlotte Church admitted the pressures fame had on her family. The singer, who was known for having the ‘Voice of an Angel’, shot to fame when she was only 11 years old – and now Charlotte, and her mum, Maria, are ready to talk about the impact stardom had on their lives.

On yesterday’s episode of the magazine show, the singer's mother admitted that she had a nervous breakdown after Charlotte left home, after many years of 'living in each other's pockets'.

Charlotte said, 'I don't think anything went wrong, it was just like a pressure cooker... there was a couple of kidnap plots when I was a kid, a whole load of stress and pressure, we were living in each other's pockets.'

She also spoke about some of the benefits of fame. ‘We got to travel the world,’ she said. ‘We were just a really normal working-class family and we were in this whole other world of glitz and glamour and some serious privilege.'

Charlotte has previously spoken candidly about her mother's struggle with bipolar disorder. When Charlotte was 16, she didn’t speak to her mother for a year and a half.

Maria said, 'When Charlotte left home, it was very, very brutal and very sudden, she broke my heart, I ended up having a nervous breakdown.’ Maria, who has said she is in therapy, added, 'It's early days but I'm trying to do something about it now, I've always suffered with mental health issues, mine are quite complex.'

Charlotte makes her return to TV this week in Channel 4 documentary, Charlotte Church: My Family and Me, which will air on 17 October.

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