Charlotte Church Has Some Home Truths To Tell Miley

And she should know...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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As a child star, the 'voice of an angel' who shot to fame aged just 12, Charlotte Church learned that growing up in the public eye is hard to do. Which means she has some words of wisdom to hand down to Miley Cyrus.

'She was even younger than I was when she became well known and it’s never gone away from her. I was able at some points to get away from it and I also come from a really normal family, really working class. She was a child star and her father’s famous,' she told* The Times*, adding that this puts Miley in an isolated position. 'To have perspective is a difficult thing when you’ve had a really unusual upbringing. It’s going to be really unique and not necessarily that well-informed. So she’s not necessarily making decisions that she'll always be proud of, or uphold.'

And before we all jump on 27-year-old Charlotte for hypocrisy – as she grew up, she went a bit raunchy herself, releasing songs like Crazy Chick and Call My Name – she's the first to admit she didn't always get things right. 'It was sort of double standards in a certain way because I did Rear Of The Yearwhen I was 16, which was a f_ing ridiculous choice, a stupid thing to do. You know, there was a whole host of people that I was working with who should have said: "Woah, woah, woah. You shouldn’t do this. This is bad. You’re 16, for f_’s sake."'

Which is pretty interesting to know, and really fits in with what Sinéad O'Connor said in her open letter to Miley all that time ago, just in a slightly kinder way.

Charlotte also complained about Beyonce's If I Were A Boy being 'stupid' and 'sexist to men,' but we're going to sweep that one under the carpet as it's, like, six years old, and Beyonce never even wrote it. And, we mean, has Charlotte heard ***Flawless?

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