Charlotte Church Challenges Katie Hopkins To A Boxing Match.

Part of us wants everyone to stop feeding the troll, part of us really wants to watch this.

Charlotte Church Challenges Katie Hopkins To A Boxing Match.

by Stevie Martin |
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In the latest Katie Hopkins developments, our fave Welsh singer (apart from Tom Jones and Catatonia and that guy from Stereophonics - remember them?) Charlotte Church had a raging Twitter battle and ended up challenging the ex-Apprenticer to a charity boxing match. Is it wrong that we think this is an excellent idea?

It all started after Charlotte attended an anti-Tory protest in Cardiff the other day, with Katie using her column in *The Sun *to wax lyrical about how Charlotte should 'wind her neck in' (you know, that famous phrase) and tweeting about it:

Charlotte obviously responded by saying she didn't want to converse with her - the irony being that she DID converse with her by saying she didn't want to, obviously. But still, she called her a 'parasite' which is a pretty deep burn.

As the argument progressed, things took a surprisingly dramatic turn with hashtags like #likearockymontage being whipped out the bag.

Part of us really wants high profile people to stop taking the Katie Hopkins bait, because she clearly just needs material for her next article - and she won't be able to make a living as a troll if everyone stops feeding her - while the other part really wants to see this happen. Comic Relief team listen up: if Katie Hopkins is still relevant next year (Charlotte Church will always be relevant - and we won't hear otherwise) then let's do this.

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