Charli XCX: ‘It’s Important To Be An Artist With A Vision And Not A Carbon Copy Of Anybody Else.’

As her new album Crash is announced, the singer-songwriter talks to Grazia about remaining authentic, Addison Rae and her current projects.

Charli XCX

by Aaliyah Harry |

If you’ve ever listened to Charli XCX’s music, admired her edgy style, or immersed yourself in the creative direction of her videos - you will know first-hand that she isn’t one to follow the status quo. 'From my music to everything I've done in my career, it's always been about following my own path and doing things a bit differently,' she explains. She busted onto the music scene with her catchy electro-pop song Boom Clap, and who could forget the cultural reset that was Fancy with Iggy Azalea? Today she has carved out her own lane, creating viral hits from Good Ones to Boys.

The secret to the creation of her hit's is just authentically Charli, ‘Writing Sweat in the studio turned into a party,’ she says candidly. 'I think the best writing sessions are when you create an actual party vibe with your good friends.' She continues, ‘The song is about going out and not caring what anybody thinks of you with your friends so, I feel like it worked really well.’

The aim of my music is to make people feel confident and free - I just want everyone to feel hot!

And what is clear is Charli XCX refuses to compromise herself or her artistry,’ I think for me, I really care about being an artist who has a vision, is unique and not a carbon copy of anybody else. I also like other artists who create their own world, and it feels like nobody else could do it like them.’ This summer Charli XCX released her album How I’m Feeling Now, which she explains was a DIY record born out of the of nature of life during the pandemic.’ It was very low tech; I made it with the tools around me in my living room and in conjunction with my fans.’

Now her new album Crash is set for a March 2022 release date, she reflects on the album’s makeup, ‘I think the next record [Crash] I'm doing is totally the opposite. It's more of a long-term project.’ She explains, ‘The sound overall is much more classically pop and there are bops on it. I'd say it's very, 80’s inspired and just really sexy, ‘she says.

Charli XCX

Her fierce commitment to remaining true to herself is why she is also the perfect choice to be one of the faces of the relaunched Pandora ME jewellery collection. Within the collection she join's forces with TikTok star and singer Addison Rae.' I knew Addison from before because we worked together in the studio on music, and we just get on so well.' When questioned on their friendship further Charli XCX says, ‘It's really funny because we're very yin and yang.’ She pauses, ‘Our vibes are so different, she is so like..up all the time! I love her voice and her energy because she's so bubbly and like, “oh my god”,' she playfully mimics her southern accent. ‘I’m so overwhelmed by how happy she is… and it's not that I'm miserable,’ she scoffs, ‘I’m just definitely more chill.’ It couldn’t be truer – her relaxed demeanour could put anyone instantly at ease.

For Charli XCX, being the face of Pandora fulfils a childhood dream, ‘I remember when I was younger, every girl I knew had a Pandora bracelet and I wasn't allowed to have one. So, when I was asked to be a part of the collection I was screaming, “yes, finally I'm going to get my chance,” she laughs playfully. The exaggerated chunky silver pieces in her collection feel very true to the everyday style we see on her Instagram. She confirms, ‘The collection is all me, you can layer all these link pieces and my favourite accessories are definitely the fire medallions and the smiley face one.’

And what’s next for Charli XCX? She leaves us with, ‘I love performing but taking some time off and partying would be really fun… I mean, I'm still being careful of course,' she says with a twinkle in her eye.


Charli XCX Pandora Top Picks

Charli XCX Top Picks
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Charli XCX is all about silver chunky jewellery, so here is the perfect look. Pandora's sterling silver Pandora ME Link Chain Bracelet holds endless styling possibilities. The bracelet features three openable connectors, designed with a grooved surface to set them apart, styling links and a carabiner clasp closure.

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This medallion is one of Charli XCX's favourite accessories in the collection. Pandora says this medallion represents 'passion and encourages you to always remember your own power.'

Charli XCX Top Picks
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Another striking madallion to add some personality to your bracelet. Pandora says, 'the contrasting orange and blue brilliant-cut crystals symbolise the power of opposite elements coming together – like fire and water.'

Charli XCX Top Picks
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Here's a link necklace to match your link bracelet. The link chain necklace features three openable connectors at the front that are designed with grooved lines to set them apart, double links between each styling connector and a carabiner clasp closure.

Charli XCX Top Picks
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Another favourite from Charli XCX is this glittery smiley face medallion. Pandora says, The fresh piece is hand-finished in sterling silver and features bright yellow crystals for an extra-bright pop of colour. '

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