Charli XCX Has ‘Fallen In Love Ten Times’, Doesn’t Believe In The One

Do you believe in The One? Charli XCX doesn't.


by Stevie Martin |

Guys, ever think that there’s not just one person for everyone and that we actually have multiple soulmates? Charli XCX does. In her upcoming *Miss **Vogue *interview the singer said she doesn’t believe in The One and has actually fallen in love loads of times.

‘I’ve fallen in love maybe 10 times. I’m not a believer in the one person; I believe in multiple people,’ she says. Part of us wishes we could take the quote ‘I believe in multiple people’ out of context and use it as some sort of cult slogan.

She continues: ‘My song Boom Clap is more about the feeling of falling in love rather than actual relationships.’

It’s sort of heartening when you think about it, that in every city in the world there’ll be someone for you. It’s especially heartening when you’re post break-up and in the whole ‘nobody will ever compare 2 u omg listening to Sinead O’Connor while scream-crying’ stage.

There’s also been a lot of rumours around who Charli is dating, because she likes to keep her cards fairly close to her chest. She’s made casual references in the past to moving in with a boyfriend, appeared to be going out with a film director in 2012, then a videographer, and now appears to be single.

But if she’s already fallen in love 10 times, and she’s only 22 years old, then the laws of probability say it’ll probably happen again. If not right now. And that’s sort of got us wanting to crack open the rom coms immediately.

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