Channing Tatum’s Totally OK With His Daughter Watching Magic Mike

Well, one day at least. Because he hopes that she can learn something from the film...


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Channing Tatum's got a baby daughter and he's totally cool with the fact she's going to see him topless and oiled in Magic Mike when she's older. When asked if he's going to choose different projects now he's a dad – yep, it sounds really ridiculous this time around as it's being asked of a man, not a woman – he replied: 'If you're meaning in the sense of stuff I want her to see and not see, no. I think art and story is what it is and everything is out there in the world and it's real, and you can't act like it's not there and [you should] just do things that mean something to you and you feel like has a reason to be told.'

All of which means that his oneyear old is defo going to watch the stripping hit of 2012–- where, let's just reminisce for a moment, he does things like this:

'She's going to see Magic Mike at some point and I'm going to have to explain that,' he told UPI. 'I don't want to say [working as an exotic dancer] was a bad decision in my life. It was just a crazy one and I was lucky I got out of it pretty unscathed.'

Because that's the thing. Channing used to an exotic dancer in real life, too. So we suppose he doesn't want to regret Magic Mike because to regret that would to be really frown upon some of the life choices which got him to where he is today (promoting22 Jump Streetwith Jonah Hill).

'I hope she learns from it because I watch movies and I learn,' he said. 'I learn from the stories and the journeys the characters go on. Other than that, I definitely will want to play in movies she can see younger at some point. All parents [who are actors] end up doing that, saying: "I want to do this movie, so my little daughter can finally see something I'm in."'

A pretty big-budget birthday present, that…

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