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Channing Tatum And Jessie J Are ‘Dating’ And Um, WTF?

© Matt Baron/Shutterstock, BOGLARKA BODNAR/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

We have a lot of questions...

When your mind wanders to all things Channing Tatum and you stop thinking about his grinding in Magic Mike or the way his lips are the same colour as his skin or how he’s so incredibly handsome, you might wonder who the newly-divorced star.

And you’d think, wouldn’t you, that it’d be some no-name Hollywood sort who’s had a few parts in a couple of films, or some model, or, well, not Jessie J. But, actually, Channing Tatum is rumoured to be dating Jessie J!

Yes, we’ve got many, many questions to ask, such as:

How did the pair meet? Was this a Raya thing? Does Jessie J set her own music to play on her Raya profile? Does Jessie look a lot like Channing’s ex Jenna Dewan or a hell of a lot like her? When is Jessie J’s new album coming out? Remember when Jessie J stopped being bisexual, claiming that ‘For me, it was a phase’? Remember when Jessie J won that Chinese singing competition? Remember when Channing spent a while publicly declaring how much he’d like a threesome with Jenna and Game of Thrones’s Emilia Clarke?

The first answer we have is 2015 - Channing and Jessie met in 2015 at the MTV Movie Awards, when Jessie and Mark Wahlberg presented Channing with an award for Best Comedic Performance for his turn in_22 Jump Street_. They’ve since been spotted, The Mirror reports, going on a mini golf date together, and Channing’s been observed watching Jessie’s concerts in places like Seattle and Salt Lake City. The pair, both musically and dance-ily inclined, probably have a lot in common, with regards to performing, but as far as unlikely celebrity couplings go, It's a bit like that time Woody Harrelson went out with Glenn Close, or Stacey Solomon and Steve-O from Jackass dated, or Tom Cruise and Cher were a thing, or Marc Anthony and Chloe Green went out, except it's Jessie J and Channing Tatum. Even Shia LeBeouf and FKA Twigs' pairing makes more sense than this!