Fact: This Video Of Céline Dion Was The Best Thing About The Met Ball

Forget the frothy dresses and Katy Perry performance, Céline Dion won the Met Gala

This Video Of Céline Dio Best Thing  Met Ball

by Lucy Morris |
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Once in my life, I would like to enjoy a party as much as Céline Dion enjoyed the Met Gala. In the past, some celebrities (looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow) have moaned and groaned about the event, which is billed as the Oscars of fashion, saying it's stuffy. But, it seems it is possible to have fun. Case in point: Céline Dion.

It was the first time the Canadian songstress attended the legendary get-together of fashion elite, designers and celebrities. Before the big day she told WWD, ‘This is like having a job for the first time or having a kiss for the first time — this is big’. But once there and dressed in an architectural Atelier Versace gown, she told* E!* that she was feeling ‘wonderful,’ adding, ‘I’m overwhelmed, but I'm great.’

While she has said, she was scared she wouldn’t be let in - hence why she packed her passport and driver’s license (as ID we assume) and a spare hanky (for tears?). She also mentioned that if the situation turned dire, ‘I would've started singing in the middle of the street.’

But, lucky for us she was let in and not least because once through those storied doors she produced one of the best Instagram videos to grace social media. As art director Gordon Von Steiner said, 'Céline Dion left me shook’. Us too babe. Not only does Céline show she can rival Angelina Jolie in the right leg department but there is no shame in using your shoe as a selfie prop. We bow down.

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