Ed Miliband And Other Celebs Before They Were Famous


Ed Miliband And Other Celebs Before They Were Famous

by Victoria Beardwood |
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So it turns out that Ed Miliband used to be 'Ted' Miliband (a big difference, we know). Ted went to Oxford and sported a sassy bowl cut and eyebrow combo that wouldn't be out of place on the Starship Enterprise - a strong look. Ted has been revealed to the world thanks to recovered footage of him being interviewed by ITV during a protest about rent rise in Oxford back in 1991.

Watching a young Miliband's first - albeit brief - televisual debut naturally made us wonder what other footage is out there of celebs before they were famous (and before they had sylists). Here's what we found.

Mark Zuckerberg when it was still called 'TheFacebook'

In footage from one of his first ever interviews, baby-faced Mark Zuckerberg chats about his newly created site, ‘TheFacebook’ (little did he know, right guys?!?). The website only had 100,000 users way back in 2004, compared with the 500 million today. Before that time, a world existed without annoying statuses, poking only happened IRL (but was still annoying), and clever frapes had yet to become a thing ('I love willies lol').

Miley Cyrus when she was all innocent

Long before the days of giant spliffs and topless Instagrams, Miley Cyrus was a sweet little girl from Nashville who got nervous on TV and did interviews with her Dad. How times have changed. Check out this interview from her first ever trip to NYC, where the weirdest thing she's apparently seen are the big buildings. Riiight...

George Clooney when he had a mullet

Judging from this video, George has always been a charmer. Looks wise, however? Back in the early eighties he was more poodle than silver fox (a really really handsome poodle). That mullet…

Rachel Mcadams when she was learning to act

Before *Mean Girls *and *The Notebook, *Rachel was taking acting classes and practicing her Oscar speeches in the mirror like the rest of us. We found this video of her during an acting class when the director forgets her name. Erm his name is going in the Burn Book...

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