21 Celebrities Without Makeup: Before And After

Kendall Jenner

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With the constant barrage of full-glam images taking over our timeline more often than those bare-bones, bloated belly pics we all send to our friends, sometimes it's nice to see that the celebrities that inspire us often look just like us. The every day person doesn't wear full contour, red-carpet makeup every day, and neither do these celebrities by the looks of it.

While we have to take these images with a pinch of salt, and recognise that eyelash extensions and microblading have really swooped in where the brow and lash market used to thrive, seeing pulled back makeup can be reassuring on those days you're trying to embrace the low maintenance look (or Sunday to Thursday as we like to call it).

From Alicia Keys' make-up free red carpet to J-Lo's no make-up selfie, here are all of the beautiful before and afters of celebrities with and without full glam...


Celebrities without make up Grazia

Kim Kardashian1 of 21

1. Kim Kardashian without makeup before and after

Kim Kardashian isn't one to keep it natural; she is almost always in full glam and doesn't travel without her Glam Squad. However, she isn't averse to a bit of experimentation with her look, and decided to go bare-faced to the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, looking flawless. We wonder how much time she saved getting ready...

Beyonce Knowles2 of 21

2. Beyoncé without makeup before and after

Queen Bey is an immensely private person, and not one to snap herself slobbing around the house in trackies without makeup on. But when we do see the more candid side to her (thanks to a rare bare-faced selfie or a sweet home video), we are wowed.

Selena Gomez3 of 21

3. Selena Gomez without makeup before and after

Selena Gomez is a pretty face, no doubt, but without any makeup on - and after a sweaty workout session - she has a natural dewy glow.

Kendall Jenner4 of 21

4. Kendall Jenner without makeup before and after

Millennial juggernaut and supermodel Kendall Jenner walked for Marc Jacobs without a scrap of makeup on, and our jaws dropped.

Bella Hadid5 of 21

5. Bella Hadid without makeup before and after

Bella Hadid is so striking, she doesn't need makeup to add definition. Her feline eyes and cheek bones do all the talking.

Gigi Hadid6 of 21

6. Gigi Hadid without makeup before and after

We think Cali beach babe Gigi Hadid looks best stripped back, and her no makeup selfie proves that.

Emily Ratajkowski7 of 21

7. Emily Ratajkowski without makeup before and after

It's no surprise that Emily Ratajkowski's bare face is still as breathtaking as her glammed-up one.

Hailey Baldwin8 of 21

8. Hailey Baldwin without makeup before and after

Supermodel Hailey Baldwin posts a no makeup selfie every now and again on her Instagram, and we think she looks radiant.

Lady Gaga9 of 21

9. Lady Gaga without makeup before and after

We love Lady Gaga for her eccentric makeup looks, but her off-stage, bare-faced selfie makes us love her just that little more. From Gaga to Stefani.

Taylor Swift10 of 21

10. Taylor Swift without makeup before and after

Taylor Swift is every inch the natural beauty on and off the red carpet.

Kylie Jenner11 of 21

11. Kylie Jenner without makeup before and after

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has been leading the millennial beauty tribe throughout her teens, but without a scrap of makeup on she is adorable.

Chrissy Teigen12 of 21

12. Chrissy Teigen without makeup before and after

Chrissy Teigen is our spirit animal: she's funny, intelligent, a Twitter warrior, and look at that face! Beautiful.

Cara Delevingne13 of 21

13. Cara Delevingne without makeup before and after

Cara rocks a no makeup look quite regularly, but with or without makeup she is an undeniable beauty.

Adwoa Aboah14 of 21

14. Adwoa Aboah without makeup before and after

Aboah is a unique, enchanting face, and those freckles need to be seen.

Zoe Kravitz15 of 21

15. Zoe Kravitz without makeup before and after

Zoe Kravitz it the ultimate cool cat, and she doesn't need a lick of lipstick or mascara to stand out.

Adele16 of 21

16. Adele without makeup before and after

On stage the singer is a big fan of dramatic makeup but off-duty she keeps it simple and bare faced.

Alicia Keys17 of 21

17. Alicia Keys without makeup before and after

The singer famously quit makeup altogether last year and looks just as beautiful fresh faced.

Serena Williams18 of 21
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18. Serena Williams without makeup before and after

The tennis legend regularly goes makeup-free to press conferences, but prefers to glam it up on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez19 of 21

19. J Lo without makeup before and after

Known for her fabulous glam, J Lo opted for no makeup in a serious video she posted to Instagram, asking her followers to donate to help victims of a hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Gal Gadot20 of 21

20. Gal Gadot without makeup before and after

Wonder woman proves she is wonderful with or without makeup time and time again, often posting makeup free selfies to Instagram.

Eva Longoria21 of 21

21. Eva Longoria without makeup before and after

While Eva clearly loves a full glam, she opts for the natural look when practicality calls.

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