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21 Celebrities Without Makeup: Before And After

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With the constant barrage of full-glam images taking over our timeline more often than those bare-bones, bloated belly pics we all send to our friends, sometimes it's nice to see that the celebrities that inspire us often look just like us. The every day person doesn't wear full contour, red-carpet makeup every day, and neither do these celebrities by the looks of it.

While we have to take these images with a pinch of salt, and recognise that eyelash extensions and microblading have really swooped in where the brow and lash market used to thrive, seeing pulled back makeup can be reassuring on those days you're trying to embrace the low maintenance look (or Sunday to Thursday as we like to call it).

From Alicia Keys' make-up free red carpet to J-Lo's no make-up selfie, here are all of the beautiful before and afters of celebrities with and without full glam...

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