Celebrity Friendships That You Totally Weren’t Expecting

What were Ashton Kutcher and Princess Beatrice talking about on that yacht?


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Do you remember back in February when some media outlets were reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio mistook Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews for a hotel worker when they met on holiday in Barbados? No? I'm guessing you were probably too busy reading actual real news.

Nevertheless, Spencer told The Sun: ‘We were having a chit-chat about whether he was having a lovely time, whether we’d be seeing him back – I sounded like a I worked at the hotel.’ First thought: how odd it is that Leo and Spencer were in the same room at the same time and had a conversation (a fairly one-sided one, but a conversation, nonetheless).

In further weird-celebrity-friendship news, Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence took a picture of them hanging out together on the weekend. Who knew they were BFFs?

So, in celebration, here's all the celebrity friendships that truly baffle us...


Celebrity Friends

John McCain and Snooki
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Where: Twitter

What: Erm yeah, this one earned a hearty WTF from us, but former presidential candidate John McCain saw the opportunity to bond with the Jersey Shore star the revelation that Snooki has had to revert to spray tanning (which was down to Obamau2019s tax on tanning beds, appaz).

He tweeted her from his verified account with: @Sn00ki u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spend policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!


Chris Martin and Jay-Z
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Where: All over the place. Specifically, on the tube, 2013

What: Ok, not quite as surprising as some of the other pairings on the list, given that Jay-Zu2019s wife (Beyonce, weu2019re talking about Beyonce) and Chrisu2019s ex wife (Gwyneth something) are pretty good mates. But itu2019s still pretty strange that theyu2019ve become good enough pals that they were spotted getting the tube to Greenwich for Jay-Zu2019s concert at the 02 Arena. Casual.

Rather sweetly, Chris has said he doesnu2019t really get the friendship, telling Pitchfork.com. u2018I think more people wonder why he's friends with me. Of course, I want to be friends with Jay-Z - he's cool as f**k. In Britain, they're like, 'How are you friends with Jay-Z?'

Elton John and Chris Brown
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Where: Elton Johnu2019s Oscars party, 2013

What: No-one was more surprised than we were to spot Elton John and Chris Brown mugging for the cameras together at Eltonu2019s annual Oscars party two years ago. Brown then went on to describe Elton as a u2018a really good friend.’ Given that Brownu2019s been accused of making homophobic slurs in the past, weu2019re not sure how we feel about this particular pairing.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un
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Where: Pyongyang, January 2014

u25a1What: No-oneu2019s really got to the bottom of why Dennis Rodman is so determined to pursue a friendship with the murderous dictator of one of the worldu2019s most secretive nations (with one of the worst human rights records to boot). But pursue it he must.

Last January he took 11 American basketball players over to Pyongyang for a match to celebrate the dictatoru2019s birthday. When asked if it was he would be bringing up the countryu2019s atrocious record, he responded u2018He's my friend first. He's my friend. I donu2019t give a ****. I tell the world: he's my ******* friend, I love him.u2019

Mel Gibson and Britney Spears
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Where: They holidayed together at Mel Gibsonu2019s compound in Costa Rica in 2008

u25a1u25a1What: Quite sweet really. Mel invited a then-troubled Britney Spears and her dad to come and hang out in their mahoosive holiday home while she got her shit together. Apparently the pair became friends when they were neighbours in Malibu and Mel (who letu2019s face it, is no stranger to public meltdowns) wanted to lend a hand. Although some reports claim he also wanted to the singer to join his therapy group, which typically for Mel might just have been crossing the line from caring to creepy.

Ashton Kutcher and Princess Beatrice
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Where: A Yacht off St Tropez, 2013

What: We were all pretty surprised to discover that Hollywood A-list couple Ashton Kutcher and Milla Kunis were hanging out with our very own Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend, the very non-royal sounding Dave Clark. Apparently Ashton and Dave(!) became friends when the actor signed up to become Virgin Galacticu2019s 500th space traveller. Dave works for Virgin as head of astronaut relations, which is the most delightful sounding made-up job title weu2019ve ever heard.

Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence
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Where: On Instagram, in some hotel room. And just generally IRL, apparently.

What: Well, it was J Law's 25th birthday on Saturday and she had a dinner party at her house with all her mates, including K Jen. According to People she even made a speech so it sounds like they're prettyyy close. Proving their closeness, Kris called her a 'piece of shit' in the Instagram post - classic friendship banter. Oh you GUYS!

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