All The Celebrities You Should Go And Follow On Instagram Stories Immediately

BRB going down an Instagram Stories black hole forever

All The Celebrities You Should Go And Follow On Instagram Stories Immediately

by Alyss Bowen |
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ICYMI, Instagram stories is here. So naturally we spent all of yesterday stalking the hell out of every single person we’ve ever followed on Instagram. To make your life slightly easier, here’s our top picks of the best celebrities to follow on Instagram Stories.

Kate Bosworth


Take on scroll through Kate Bosworth’s Instagram feed and the words: girl crush spring to mind. Add live video to the mix and you’re onto a winner. You might hate yourself after watching her look dreamy on her stories, but hey that’s what Instagram staking is for.

Shay Mitchell

I love Shay on Snapchat. She’s not only my spirit animal when it comes to food – pizza and ice cream, but she’s absolutely bloody hilarious. You should all probably go and follow her on Instagram Stories too, cause guessing it’ll be the same.

Jess Woodley

The debrief <3’s Jess Woodley, you know this. So of course we’re going to <3 her on Instagram Stories. We think you will too, cause she’s a massive babe. The end.

Harlow and Sage

Do animals count as celebrities? Errrrm yeh they do. I went down a Harlow and Sage Instagram Stories black hole last night and it was truly magical. Now go do the same.

Eva Chen

Eva Chen is great. She’s the head of fashion partnerships at Instagram and is funny, impeccably dressed and has a cute daughter. Her Instagram Stories are also extremely lols.

Calvin Harris

I can’t quite tell if Calvin Harris is joking on his Instagram Stories or not but either way he told his followers to ‘own it, earn it cause you’re stronger than that’ (we think this is what he said anyway - perhaps a dig at Taylor?)Who knows, but we’re following.

Emily Ratajkowski

Her feed obviously makes me feel sick she’s so beautiful. But I won’t stop watching Emily's stories, will I? Nope, nope I will not and nor will you, trust us.

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