The 11 Most Impressive Celebrity Attempts At The ‘Year So Far’ 2020 Challenge

Reese Witherspoon got the ball rolling, but Billy Ray Cyrus might be our new 2020 Challenge hero

2020 challenge

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Another day, another challenge. But this time, you don't have to post a fit black and white picture of yourself on Instagram, run 5K and err... post a picture on Instagram, or bake some banana breadin the light of a full moon and post a picture of it on Instagram. Instead, we're invited to take the 2020 Challenge - where one posts 9 pictures of oneself, each representing a different month in the total shit show that has been 2020 each year.

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You know the drill the first picture represents January, back when everything was GREAT! Nothing was going to be worse than 2019, we were entering a new decade, full of hope, etc. February was a little sketchy, a little Corona-what? And then by March it was all downhill, straight into a global pandemic and lockdown.

Anyway, it turns out if you're an actor of performer with a raft of highly meme-able pics to choose from, you're going to ace this challenge, as Reese Witherspoon proved when she kicked the whole thing off with a pitch perfect entry, kicking off with January (Legally Blonde, obvs) and taking us all the way through to August and September (Wild). And now, for all of our viewing pleasure, some of her celebrity mates have joined in. From Mindy Kaling to unexpected 2020 Challenge hero Billy Ray Cyrus, here are some of our favourites...


Celebrity 2020 Challenge Pictures

Reese Witherspoon1 of 12

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was one of the first celebs to jump on the bandwagon with the 2020 challenge, as many other celebs followed suit after her post.

Mindy Kaling2 of 12

Mindy Kaling

Actress Mindy Kaling, famous for her role in The Mindy Project and__ the american version of The Office, credited Reese Witherspoon in her 2020 challenge.

Billy Ray Cyrus3 of 12

Billy Ray Cyrus

Country singer, and father to Miley, shared this 'what to heck' 2020 challenge, also crediting Reese Witherspoon.

January Jones4 of 12

January Jones

Actress January Jones used a lot of images from her role of Betty Draper in Mad Men.

Charlize Theron5 of 12

Charlize Theron

"@reesewitherspoon I feel you on #2020 girl..."

Naomi Watts6 of 12

Naomi Watts

There's always one the changes the layout... Clearly Naomi didn't get the square memo.

Michelle Pfeiffer7 of 12

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer credited friend and fellow actor Naomi Watts, for her 2020 challenge.

Kerry Washington8 of 12

Kerry Washington

"@reesewitherspoon @mindykaling...SAME"

Sofia Vergara9 of 12

Sofia Vergara

"Ayyy I don't even want to know what October will look like @reesewitherspoon #2020Challenge"

Cara Delevingne10 of 12

Cara Delevingne

The many wondrous, always entertaining, faces of British model, Cara Delevingne.

Carrie Bradshaw11 of 12

Carrie Bradshaw

And finally, not technically a celeb, but we're sure SJP had a giggle.

Viola Davis12 of 12

Viola Davis

'I'd have to agree with @ReeseWitherspoon, @MindyKaling and @KerryWashington about 2020!'

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