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We're not getting our hopes up with the latest rumours about a new Sex And The City film. Mainly because there's been about one rumour a week since the end of the horrible mess that was *Sex And The City 2: The Girls Go Global (And A Little Racist), *although this one *does *seem to hold a little more creedence than your average speculation. In an interview, when quizzed on the subject, Jennifer Hudson said, 'I think it might be happening'.

You'll remember that Jennifer played Louise from St. Louis in film number one - the personal assistant for a woman that never needed a personal assistant, who never gave up on love and ultimately (phew) got to give up her career and move back to the Midwest because her man came through for her. Anyways, the important thing is that Jennifer Hudson has actually *been *in one of the films which means she's probably got at least some insight into whether or not film number three might be a thing.

Despite our misgivings with film number one (the less said about number two the better) we'd obviously still be first in line to see a third outing from the 'girls' as they near the big 5-0 (and Samantha the big 5-6). The trouble is though, would the girls be able to keep up to date with how we want our female role models to be in 2014? Here's what we hope will happen (and what actually probably will).

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Carrie will finally realise that everything is OK

As a professional columnist, one can hardly blame Carrie for finding something to question in every situation she's ever been in – hey, it’s made her millions over the years. Now though, she’s loaded, has a loving husband, three best friends and a career most journalists could never dream of just off the back of writing about – let’s face it – not massively interesting stuff. What could she possibly have to get her knickers in a twist about this time around? We're hoping it'll be something to do with her battle to get to grips with technology (the whole 'can he see me?' thing with MSN Messenger still haunts our dreams) when she finds out her publisher is releasing her next book exclusively on Kindle, with all promo done via Snapchat. Instead though, get ready for one more bout of disagreements with Mr. Big - probably something to do with him getting old and boring and her feeling underappreciated. Snoresville.

Charlotte will actually have a relatable problem

Everyone knows once you get married, give up work and have kids you have no problems and it’s smooth sailing from there on out right. Because that’s obviously the end goal we’re all aiming for. Hence the reason Charlotte’s storylines for the last two films have been A) that she didn’t go running anymore and B) that she cried in the cupboard because she couldn’t handle having two kids and a nanny. This time around, how about chucking something more meaty her way? Perhaps a storyline involving teaching a now-teenage Lily about positive body image or single handedly running a campaign for gender neutral toys after Rose, aged 7, starts exhibiting a husband-hunting attitude similar to the one Charlotte possessed in her 30s. That would be cool.

**Samantha will embrace middle-age with a warm hug **

Look, there's nothing wrong with getting older. Hell, we can’t wait for the day that we walk out the front door of our office, ‘Happy Retirement’ card in hand and hop straight on a plane to the nearest Saga holiday resort to spend the rest of eternity being serviced by a dapper young butler called Enrique in between Bingo rounds with our new found friends Daphne and Mildred. Samantha though, committing the eternal sin of being a handful of years older than the rest of the gang, has spent the last however many years dying grey pubes, agonising over losing weight and pulling herself into smaller and smaller dresses to prove she’s still got it. Samantha, we KNOW you’ve still got it and nothing to prove. Here's hoping she keeps doing what she's doing - minus worrying about her age. We'll give her a call in fifteen years to meet for cocktails after aquarobics.

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Miranda will be celebrated for her career instead of feeling rubbish all the time

Always the back seater (remember when Steve cheated on her and it took up all of three minutes of breakfast talk as opposed to Carrie’s dramatic week in Mexico when she was jilted at the altar?) Miranda was the only one of the 'gals' who was actually making everything work. You know what would be cool? If we got a storyline about her job that didn’t involve her having to juggle being a wife and a mother with a (gasp) career. How about she gets nominated to be a judge? Or, even better, how about she takes on a landmark sexual harassment case with like, 100 claimants that changes the laws in the workplace. Meh. Instead, watch out for more too busy to have sex storylines and Brady hitting his teen years and hating his mum who's never there.

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