Cara Delevingne Reignites The Debate That Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

Says she struggles to have guys as mates because 'men are shallow' - and only want one thing


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Following a seemingly short-lived but very public relationshipwith actress Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne has explained that it’s tough to meet the right sort of guy these days because now, unless they’re going out with a friend of hers, they’ll always be after just one thing.

She explained in an interview that she’s lost a proportion of male mates as she’s grown up (or, maybe, as she’s got more famous). ‘The funny thing is, I always used to have more guy friends. At school, I was a tomboy and it would be me and all my guy friends. But now... I don’t know. It’s kind of changed quite a bit. I still have my old friends from school, but I think…,’ she told The Telegraph.

‘I don’t meet men now who just want to be my friend. It doesn’t really happen that much. They’re just shallow like that. Unless it’s one of my girlfriend’s boyfriends, most guys are not like, “Oh, we should just be mates”,’ she continued. ‘I think it’s harder to become friends with guys, because guys just want to have sex with you.’

She was also asked about her sexuality, after all, she did share practically every moment of her relationship with Michelle on Instagram, and happily professed to being Rita Ora’s ‘wifey’ last year.

‘On that topic, I think... What do I think? I think people shouldn’t be scared of that. I’m young, I’m having fun, I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not,’ she said in response. ‘So I don’t really care on that matter. People can say what they want, but I’m having a good time. I know what people are doing who are my age. I just think it would be a lie to pretend that I’m not having a good time.’

Pretty level-headed, considering the interview only came a couple of days after she returned from older sister Poppy’s wedding party in Marrakech. And considering her pet Rabbit, Cecil, went for a wee halfway through the interview.

If there was any hint of some post-holiday blues, it was when she said she used to wish for all of this to just disappear. She spoke about her jealousy of her mates who are now at uni. ‘I love talking to my friends at uni and seeing what they’re doing. They’re just finishing their dissertations and I kind of wish I could live their life for a second.’

She also admitted she used to get really upset ‘if everything was getting a bit crazy, because I can never take this all away for a minute. I can’t turn around, you know? I’ve got to keep on going. If there’s a moment where I just want it all to disappear and go back… well, I can’t. And that used to terrify me.’

Seems either fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or simply that being an international jet-set model is probably harder work than being a student!

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