Cara Delevingne Buys Kendall Jenner Vagina Birthday Gifts

What else do you get for the girl who has everything? Vagina and dick presents, obviously.

Cara Delevingne Buys Kendall Jenner Vagina Birthday Gifts

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When it’s your really rich, really famous mate’s birthday – who also happens to be a Jenner – what can you possibly get them? Well, if you’re also really rich and really famous, why not try a cake and some vagina candy?

That’s what Cara Delevingne bought Kendall Jenner for her recent 20th: a really cool cake (with the word ‘cake’ on it and their faces, because that’s their nickname for each other) surrounded by vagina, nipple and penis lollipops. Because a cake is boring if it doesn’t have vagina-based confectionary to go with it.

On top of this, there was also an Elton John reference that contains a solid meat pun, and a Ken’s playhouse chocolate bar.

How do we know all this? No, we weren’t at the party. We just saw it on Cara’s instagram. And, as an aside, how freakily similar do Cara and Kendall’s faces look when stuck together? They look like one person. Bizarre.

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