Cara Delevigne Advert Banned Near Schools For Being Too Sexy

Cara is naked, in water, holding a bottle of perfume with her bum out. There have been a fair few complaints.

Cara Delevigne Advert Banned Near Schools For Being Too Sexy

by Stevie Martin |

So the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) have had a look at the uber-sexy poster of Cara Delevingne holding a bottle of Tom Ford perfume and being totally nude in some water, and deemed it fine. Except for around schools, where it’s been banned for being too sexy.


The poster, which is on Brick Lane, London, was officially seen as ‘unlikely to cause serious offence and did not degrade or objectify women’ and isn’t allowed within 100 metres of schools – but complaints have been made due to the fact that it’s close to mosques and churches. And that it’s hardly the sort of thing you want to be looking at while you’re trying to practise your faith.

Still, Tom Ford Beauty has defended the ad campaign on the grounds of artistic merit, and the ASA said: ‘While they accepted the model was nude... they believe neither her pose nor facial expression were sexually suggestive and were classical in nature, and had been depicted in art.’

So the ASA has been pretty active this past week, what with all the Protein World furore (the ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’ ads that are due to be taken down from London Underground stations after a huge backlash), and now pictures of nude Cara splashed all over buildings.

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