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Cannes Film Festival Just Banned This 'Grotesque' Red Carpet Habit

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This year's Cannes Film Festival is taking a strong stance against selfies, with the festival's artistic director Thierry Fremaux announcing that red carpet goers will be banned (or at least strongly discouraged) from taking photos of themselves while traversing La Croisette.

'On the red carpet, the trivial aspect and the slowing down provoked by the disorder which these selfies create tarnishes the quality of the [experience] and of the festival as a whole,' Fremaux told Le Film Francais magazine. Has a gaggle of actors and models flocking to the not-so-bright light of an iPhone screen ever sounded quite so apocalyptic? Don't think so...

As for how the policy will actually be enforced come May 8th, Fremaux has since revealed in an interview to Variety that 'we haven't thought out in practical terms how to carry out this new measure. Since we are not policemen, we will trust attendees and their understanding of the situation.'

'We go to Cannes to see movies, not to take selfies. My work and my team's work is to preserve the prestige of the most important film festival in the world and when we're standing on top of the stairs, we can see the vulgarity and the grotesque aspect of those taking selfies on the red carpet and that's when it becomes a vast mess,' he added. Quel horreur.

This is far from the first time that Cannes' organisers have issued a sweeping statement banning something innocuous: back in 2015, the festival made the headlines when it was reported that a group of women were turned away from a screening of Carol as they were not wearing high heeled shoes. Sigh...

Fremaux has also announced a further shake-up of the typical Cannes structure, which will see the end of daytime film screenings for journalists. Instead, film critics will watch new releases at the same evening gala screenings as guests in the Debussy theatre.

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