Can We Talk About Rihanna’s New Song Please

Ri-Ri is back and her song is a banger, to boot...

Can We Talk About Rihanna's New Song Please

by Sophie Wilkinson |
Published on

Do you want to hear new music from Rihanna? Well, you're in luck, because there's a radio rip of her new song, Bitch Better Have My Money and though it's not exactly as danceable as her bigger hits, it's got Rihanna swearing (to the point we can't hear some chunks of lyrics), using a husky/screamy voice which gives the whole thing a bunch of attitude.

You can listen to it here - for now, before it gets taken down. Meanwhile, take a look at how great Rihanna looks on the promo, all thick eyebrows and leather jacket.

It's a lot more Pour It Up than We Found Love, and that's great, but might take a bit longer to worm its way into the hearts and minds of people who want to sing along to it in the club. The song's subject is kind of evident in the title, and throughout; it's about getting all the money in the world, e.g.: 'I pour the shots like blap blap blap/Pay me what you owe me/Don't act like you forgot'.

As payday nears, we know the feeling...

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