We Can All Learn A Thing Or Two About JOMO From Adele

Adele skipped the Grammys after parties and went for a burger instead. Why can't I do the same?

We Can All Learn A Thing Or Two About JOMO From Adele

by Molly Boswell |
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On Monday, the Grammys happened. Taylor was there, Kanye was dealt with, Paul McCartney and Beck got turned away from Tyga's party. Whatever.

Adele though, came through the whole thing our hero. Today, Billboard is reporting that she skipped all the afterparties and, according to her Tweets, went to go and get an In N' Out burger instead.


Great stuff.

Anyways - people are obviously in love with this story. Mainly because they love Adele and also burgers. But also, it's because Adele did the thing that we can't ever seem to bring ourselves to do; say 'fuck it', sack off social committments and go off to indulge in a little 'me' time.

Over the course of a week you probably spend far more time doing things that other people want you to do rather than doing what you want to do. And, if you're anything like me, any downtime isn't very enjoyable for fear of missing out on something else.

Here's a few things to help you embrace JOMO more than FOMO.

1. Switch off social meeds

If you've carved out Saturday morning to do nothing except lie in bed, shake off a hangover, eat pizza and watch The Good Wife then make sure you do just that and nothing else. Even if Snapchat or Insta is the first thing you normally check in the morning, give it a miss this time around. The second you've seen what other options were out there for you today (drinking coffee, eating brunch and, in some cases still partying from the night before) presented on your phone through (literally) rose tinted filters, your morning in bed will look a little bit rubbish. If you do need something to browse on your phone, do eBay or ASOS instead - much less FOMO inducing (although potentially more bank balance damaging).

2. Plan lots of stuff for you to do

People do stuff without other people all the time. Your friends hung out without you before social media - maybe they work together, or live closer together - the thing is, you just didn't know about it. It doesn't mean they like you any less, it just means people are lazy and do what's easiest. Now you do know they hang without you though (thanks Facebook) , it's a constant worry. To combat it, plan lots of stuff for yourself to do instead of waiting for others to come to you. It's much easier to justify why Sarah and Helen are drinking together without you in North London when you're attending an important seminar on the female film industry in South London and, making yourself less available means you're likely to be more in demand. Plus, Sarah and Helen will probably get FOMO from your night out too.

3. Treat yourself

Essentially, turn yourself into a lab rat and perform a Pavlov's Dog experiement - with yourself as the subject. You're very susceptible you see. Next time you actively decide to give something a miss, reward yourself with a really great food thing (burger), drink (cocktail) or binge watch (Don't Tell The Bride). Giving yourself fond memories of a night in means you might not be so afraid of the next one.

4. Think about whether you really want to do something

It's easiest just to say yes to everything. If you attend everything then you'll see everyone and you won't miss out on anything right? Right. Phew. Social butterflying can be tough. But, if one of those things is a four hour art installation where you watch a semi-naked almost-acqaintance read the entire 'N' section of the Oxford English Dictionary then maybe play the evening out in your mind beforehand. Taking your social ties out of the situation and realising that you're putting yourself through four hours of hell for literally no reason is probably enough for you to click 'not attending' on Facebook.

5. Realise you can't win

Going to everything and being constantly available means you'll probably have to make a like a celeb and check yourself into a budget version of the Priory for 'exhaustion' by the time you're 27. And, you know what? It still won't be enough. There's always going to be something you didn't get invited to, there's always going to be people out having a good time and, there's always going to be something going on that you can't go to. Those people that you walk past at the pub tonight? They'll be staying in tomorrow. Your friends that spent Saturday browsing the local market? Back in their shitty living room watching Take Me Out in the evening. You'll never be able to be everywhere at once and, once you accept that, let that weight slip away. You're doing the best you can and no-one can expect anything more from you.

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