Calvin Harris Instagrams Taylor Swift’s Cats. They’re Serious.

This means they're definitely getting married, right? RIGHT? Also, the cats are adorable.

Calvin Harris Instagrams Taylor Swift's Cats. They're Serious.

by Stevie Martin |

As in, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are now serious - not the cats. The cats are always serious. A couple of hours ago, Calvin Harris instagrammed Taylor Swift's cats Olivia and Meredith, which means that they're totally in love and are probably going to get married.

At least, that's what we're taking from this. Captioning the instagram 'Moment', he managed to get a shot where one cat is standing up like a human, while the other looks on adorably. Probably at Calvin and Taylor snogging or something.

They've sort of confirmed their relationship earlier this month, when spotted holding hands, but this is the first officialy confirmation we've had - if by confirmation, we mean 'taking pictures of each others' cats'.

Long live CalTay. Swifis. Tayvin. We'll work on that.

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