Brooklyn Beckham Has A Teeny Tiny Moustache

He's got some lip fuzz and he's not afraid to show it off.

Brooklyn Beckham Has A Teeny Tiny Moustache

by Jess Commons |
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You know that kid when you were in Year 9 who managed to grow a couple of teeny, tiny hairs on their chin and/or upper lip and all the guys thought he was the coolest dude ever and all the girls were a bit like, ‘Erm, mate, you’ve got something on your face?’

Yeah. Brooklyn Beckham is now that kid.

Last night, David Beckham posted this picture of him and son Brooklyn getting late night crepes (‘gonna need to work that one off in the morning’ he said. Oh David. The risks you take, the wild life you lead) that features a healthy line of fuzz on the 16 year old’s upper lip.

In our humble opinion, it’s not a look that should stick around for long. Ill-advised moustaches always remind us of that time that Mel Gibson grew this monstrosityin what we can only imagine was a bid to look like Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge.

Anyways; that’s just our two cents. Perhaps the chicks are digging it. Who knows.

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