Brooklyn Beckham Shows Us His ‘Tattoo’ At Coachella

Chill out though – yes, it's a bit dodgy but it's also just temporary...

Brooklyn Beckham Shows Us His 'Tattoo' At Coachella

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Dodgy tattoos are basically run of the mill for any famous person these days, right? Still, that said, we were a little shocked to see Brooklyn Beckham, just 16, with a strip of ink down the right side of his neck as he plodded around Coachella (no piss-stained tents at Reading for Brooklyn, no).

The Metro assures us the tat was just a temporary transfer – we bet an underage Brooklyn’s also trying to prove that to mum Victoria right now, too – but also that the eldest Beckham child was trying ‘to emulate his dad’s tattoo fetish’. We wonder, though if the influence is a bit, more, well, younger and cooler?


The design – which follows one clean line and spikes out into a series of teeny tiny triangles – looks a helluva lot like Justin Bieber’s strip down the right of HIS just-about-post-pubescent neck, which reads: ‘Patience’ in gothic font.

And we all know how much Brooklyn (and the Beckhams) like Justin; he’s got a signed guitar from Biebs (he signed one each for Romeo and Cruz too, way back before Harper was even born), he met him backstage at least once, David’s chatted to him frow at basketball games and Romeo’s phone cover used to be of Justin!

With regards to Brooklyn’s potential to display Bieber copycat behaviour, we actually think tattoos are the least of the Beckhams’ problems… good luck to them!

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