Brooklyn Beckham Reunites With Ex – During Freshers Week!

He’s already gone and broken the first rule of US colleges…

Brooklyn Beckham Reunites With Ex - During Freshers Week!

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Brooklyn Beckham is now living in New York City because that’s where his university is. Sorry, we mean college. And because his college, the Parsons School of Design is very arts-focused (he’s studying photography there, so that his bicep tattoo and actual photography book has a bit more longevity), we doubt there’s much frat boy culture there.

But if there was, there’d be uproar, because Brooklyn’s broken the first rule of US colleges, which, we’ve learned from numerous awful lad culture-propagating dick-flicks (you know, the male rendition of chick flicks), is: remain single during Freshers Week.

Not only has Brooklyn coupled up again, but he’s back with his ex, Chloe Moretz! The pair has been spotted partying in LA and strolling through New York together, and under a photo Brooklyn uploaded, Chloe’s commented with a heart. She’s also @-ed him in so that he can see the comment amidst all of the unrepeatably lusty messages from his tween-y fanbase.

Brooklyn was previously dating Madison Beer, an LA-based singer, while he was out on the west coast with his family this summer, but that’s over now, because, she told People magazine, ‘I can’t do long distance’.

Chloe and Brooklyn first started dating in 2014, broke up in 2015, got back together in 2016, and then soon broke up, reports MailOnline.

Now they’re both in the same city, maybe they’ll be together for longer? Time - and Freshers Week - will only tell.

As for the other rules of Freshers Week? While there’s nothing specifically saying it’s not on to go and do a high-end photoshoot with a noted fashion photographer, it’s not very studenty, is it?

Though Brooklyn is an avid photographer, he seems to be a better model, and photographer Damon Baker did a shoot with him to prove it. In the black and white prints, Brooklyn’s fully embracing James Dean-style Americana, wearing a simple T-shirt, flexing his arms and at one point, pointing a silver gun towards the camera.

As the president would say: Very American! Hugely patriotic! End civil liberties! The FAKE NEWS Won't print this!!!

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