Brooklyn Beckham Got His Ear Pierced In Claire’s. Just Like You

He might be famous offspring, but he's still down to earth enough to go get his ears done in a high street shop...


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Ok, ok, a straw poll of the office tells us that people get a variety of places on their body pierced in a variety of places geographically – tattoo parlours, department stores, at some dodgy holiday destinations. But if you got your ears done at Claire’s Accessories then you are pretty much just like Brooklyn Beckham. Or he’s just like you. Or something.

The 15-year-old, who is the oldest member of the Beckham brood, was taken to the shop in Westfield in a co-ordinated move to get his left lobe pierced; while he and dad David sneaked in through the back entrance, mum Victoria and brother Romeo entered through the front of the shop.

Once inside, they chose the ring, Claire’s manager Joe Parker told The Sun: ‘They picked the most expensive earring — but Victoria told him to go a size down so it wasn’t too blingy.’

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‘Brooklyn was cool but I was so nervous, I was like, "I can’t mess this up";.

Of course, Brooklyn and family weren’t subjected to the half-embarrassment of having to get the prick done in the window of the shop; the only special treatment they received was the pleasure of getting to take Brooklyn through this rite of passage in a separate room.

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‘They didn’t ask us to close. A few customers noticed, but things stayed calm. I think they were in disbelief,’ Joe, who was also in disbelief, continued: ‘I couldn’t believe what I had experienced.

‘They were a lovely family.’

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It’s unknown whether Brooklyn stuck around to get some bangles and other chintzy bits, but what we do know, as Joe explained it all to a national newspaper, is that Victoria spent £20 on hair extensions and £45 for the earring and piercing.

So far, so normal. We send our best to everyone in the Beckham household who now have to deal with the fact that the smell of TCP is strangely alluring.

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