Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Haunt’s Taryn Manning’s DJ Set. Maybe.

The late actress was best friends with the Orange Is The New Black star

Brittany Murphy's Ghost Haunt's Taryn Manning's DJ Set. Maybe.

by Jess Commons |
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Good news chaps, Brittany Murphy is still around, albeit perhaps in spirit form.

Last night, Brittany's good friend, Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning was DJing at an H&M party in Toronto (looking ace BTW, blonde crop, metallic jumper, nice work) and, Taryn being the excellent person she is, decided to play Eminem's iconic 2002 track Lose Yourself (always a great shout).

As you will well remember, Lose Yourself was the title track from Eminem's autobiographical film 8 Mile in which he starred with Brittany Murphy. As Taryn's playing the song, she gave a shout out to Brittany, 'Let's give it up for Brittany Murphy, one of my best friends who isn't with us anymore.' The crowd cheers and, at that moment, the entire sound system shut down.

'That was weird.' Said Taryn, before looking upwards and adding, 'Hi Brittany. You with us?'

Taryn then tried to fix the sound saying, 'Yeah the whole system just stopped. Brittany is in the house! She was one of my best friends and we lost her over terrible, terrible things.' She added before having a quiet moment with her eyes closed.

'Love you B. Love you angel!' She finally said.

Watch the whole video of Brittany Murphy's (maybe) ghost dropping in and stopping Eminem from collecting any more royalty money over at TMZ.

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