BRITs Nudie Photobomber Sadie Pinn Provokes 50 Complaints

Between her, Rihanna’s twerking and Adele’s swearing, BRITs viewers at home were very disgruntled..

BRITs Nudie Photobomber Sadie Pinn Provokes 50 Complaints

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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At Wednesday’s BRITs, Ant and Dec’s presenting flair was perhaps as scant as the outfit worn by Sadie Pinn, the woman who brought some much-needed edge to a show that presented so blandly the duo’s biggest joke was Ant getting into a panto dress.

Entirely unannounced, the statuesque model strode up to the pair, who were presenting Jess Glynne, and sidled in-between them, flinging her arms over their shoulders and grinning at the camera. Adorned in a sheer catsuit with only leather star patches covering her nipples and a little leather rectangle over what are euphemistically being called her ‘private parts’, she had the cojones to do something dramatic and fun; precisely in the spirit of the BRITs. The entire show is meant to reward creativity and drive, after all!

The singer in the band Crim3s, who was a guest of Pam Hogg’s (the catsuit was her design) told The Mirror: ‘I only just decided to do it five minutes before but I know them and I asked Pam. I thought, as long as she says it's okay, I'll just do it!

‘I wanted to be like, “Hey! I'm a living doll” I’ve done it many times before. I've been spending all night with nothing on my arse.’

But as a reward for bringing a bit of old-school rock and roll and unpredictability to what was otherwise a bit of a predictable awards ceremony? She’s received a barrage of hate online AND 50 complaints have been made about her attire to Ofcom.

A further 16 complaints have been made about Adele swearing (which a sound tech didn’t manage to mute in time) while receiving an award, and Rihanna’s twerking (which also involved Drake humping her bum). Ofcom have told The Mirror: ‘We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not’

The last time a complaint against the Brits was upheld, it was when Kanye West’s rendition of All Day contained too many renditions of the n-word before the 9pm watershed. We’re not sure whether Sadie’s going to be so bothered by the complaints, but what will sticks, beyond her new-found notoriety, is the notion that there’s a time and place for fun and games at the BRITs, it's just not always on-screen.

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