BRITs 2014: Kate Moss Does Politics, Lorde Has a #PricelessMoment and Ella Eyre’s Hair

But WTF else happened...


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Last night The BRITS happened. Presented by James Cordon they were actually - a triumph. Between Lorde and Disclosure's performance, Beyonce, Kate Moss collecting award for David Bowie they were certainly the most exciting in years. But inevitably, there were some awards they missed out. Here's our run-down:

Smallest Man In The World Award: Bruno Mars


Actually shorter than Kylie. Who was, in all fairness, in heels. But still, tiny.

The Award For We Don't Quite Know What's Going On But We Definitely Like It: Kate Moss for David Bowie


'You lot didn't think David Bowie was actually going to be here did you? He's too cool for this shit,' lolled Noel Gallagher. Instead David sent Kate Moss to collect his award for Best Male Artist WEARING his Ziggy Stardust costume from 1972. She read out something about a Japanese myth then told Scotland to 'stay with us' and it was all a bit weird but SO GREAT.

Best Hair Award: Ella Eyre


How does it stay up? There's so much of it. Surely the 8th wonder of the world. Really liked her metallic trainers too. As for the whole Bastille/Rudimental mash-up, erm, we preferred Ella's hair.

Biggest Non-Suprise Of The Night: Prince


Goshdarnit we love Prince with all our hearts but how times have changed. This time two weeks ago the guy could announce a secret gig and blow our tiny minds. Now, 3(4?) shock gigs later the guy could have shown up to the BRITS naked as the day he was born and we still would have been all like, 'We've been expecting you.'

Most Over-eager Use Of Pyrotechnics: The BRIT Awards


Srsly. Between Ellie Goulding and Arctic Monkeys performances, we nearly fried.

The 'What Is He Like' Lifetime achievement award: Harry Styles


Almost missed picking up his award for Global Success 'cos he was in the loo. Then James Cordon pretended Harry was probably wanking. :(

Best Performance of the night: Disclosure/Lorde/Aluna George


Ermygosh first it was all Lorde singing Royals, then it was all, 'Oh hey Aluna Francis,' and BAM, straight into White Noise. Brilliant. Bit weird when Lorde accepted her award for Best International Female and quoted Mastercard's 'Priceless Surprise' hashtag. She was joking though. We think.

Most Elegant Lady In The World Ever: Beyonce


In stark contrast to her saucy performance at The Grammy's, Beyonce's (not-so-secret) performance of XO saw her wearing a heavenly sequinned dress, and belting out the ballad like nobody's business. It was great.

Most Missed Item Of Clothing: Pharrell's hat


ONLY JOKING because Keith Lemon and James Cordon found a similar one and wore it. Funny.

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