Britney Spears Has A New Lingerie Line And It Actually Looks Like Stuff You Will Want To Wear

There’s no tassles, fringes or fussy frills. Yet.


by Fiona Byrne |
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She caused hella furore as a teen when she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in a bra and knickers back in 1999 and today Britney dropped another underwear-related bombshell on the world: she’s got a lingerie line on the way.

The best bit is that it actually looks really, really chic. She’s only revealed one image so far – a little Twitter teaser if you will – but if the rest of the collection is anything like this, we reckon she has a winner on her hands.

The shot previews one underwear set that’s more in line with the more understated lingerie brands – there’s no tassles, fringes or fussy frills. It’s a simple black mesh balconette bra and a vintage-inspired matching high-waisted brief. We’re going to guess it’s also extremely comfortable and that there’s some support in that bra.

The collection launches on 9 September in the US and 26 September in Europe, according to the official website. It also bears a little illustration of a corset, so perhaps there’ll be a Pussycat Doll element after all. But we're keeping our fingers crossed she'll keep it to the pared-down vibe illustrated in the preview snap.


Picture: IntimateBritneySpears

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