The Evolution Of Britney Spears’ Instagram

We think we've discovered the hidden intention behind all those incredible DIY fashion shoots

The Evolution Of Britney Spears' Instagram

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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Britney Spears has Instagram down. There are only a handful of celebrities who have managed to carve out an identifiable social media brand that we regular humans secretly enjoy scrolling through. Obviously, there's Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian who are both out there waving the flag for that contrived beauty #ad aesthetic. Beyoncé has more than nailed the infrequent teasing of not music but pregnancy announcements and general sartorial brilliance. But my girl Britney, she's got a different thing going. A thing that works so well that she's only gone and landed herself a deal with French fashion brand, Kenzo.

She looks great, if not heavily edited, but let's rewind a bit first. Pre-Kenzo Britney Spears was all of us. At least, she's the bodycon wearing, hair flicking, shallow inspirational quote posting version of our teenage selves. The selves that we thought we were every time we shared a pouty photo of us stood, hand on hip in the hallway of our parents' houses to Bebo or MySpace in 2006. Britney is low-key nostalgia and don't you forget it.

In the last year or so, though, Britney got smart about Instagram without telling anyone. We started to see less of the 'Classy, Sassy and a little bit Smart Assy' memes as Brit casually started to drop DIY fashion shoots into the mix. The rogue regramming of obscure non-celebs and sharing of stock images (remember the not-your-corn incident of 2016?) were replaced by insane workout routines and mini montages of herself wearing various bodycon mini dresses.

Enter Kenzo, who seemed to have caught on to this change of pace and thus made Britney, the Girl Next Door of our childhoods, the face of their new La Collection Momento campaign. What better excuse to look back on the Instagram journey that saw Britney arrive in our feeds in the campaign's Hawaiian shirt, baseball cap and a denim bum bag. See here, the year-long evolution of InstaBritney, bitch.


Debrief Evolution of Britney Spears' Instagram

Evolution of Britney Spears' Instagram1 of 38

Look! Look how cute and funny Britney was. We tried to be this girl, with the sharing of generic funny memes, but it didn't work. Britney was into it, though...

Caption: none

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One more time for the sharing of Insta-friendly mantras. Take note, the gospel of Britney Spears and the equivalent of posting a song lyric as your Facebook status.

Caption: none

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Prom pictures never die. Here's your proof courtesy of Britney and Las Vegas show bae.

Caption: 'Last show of the week with @samasghari

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Remember we mentioned stock imagery? Here's a random horse (no, not unicorn) galloping in the abyss. Don't question it, go with it.

Caption: none

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When was the last time you saw anyone pose with their bottoms scrunched so low? Other than Britney's Instagram?

Caption: 'What's better than sweats and a tshirt? :)'

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Let's not forget that Britney is a mum of two. Here are her kids, they pop up quite a bit.

Caption: 'Dinner in Hawaii. Literally the best!'

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This was a regram because Britney was excited about the arrival of Spring. It was nice, if not a little rogue.

Caption: 'Spring is here!!!'

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No, I don't think that Britney was out strolling in a meadow and decided to pause and the time to take and edit this picture either. But you know, stock photography is there and someone's gotta use it...

Caption: 'Absolutely lovely'

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Hands up if you think this is homemade?

Caption: 'Ice creeeaaam all day long please heart emojis'

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Never forget that Britney Spears is an athlete. This isn't some random 'look at me at the gym' post. Oh no, this is a reminder that Britney Spears can still run, jump and split like she used to.

Caption: 'Back at the gym.... stretch and run all the way *hearts and bikini emojis'

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See here a joke that Britney pulled straight out of our school years. In case you needed another reminder that Britney is a 36 year old mum and finds this sort of thing lolz too.

Caption: notepad emoji, bow emoji, bag emoji

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#goals before Britney knew what #goals were

Caption: none

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Here we're starting to arrive at the 'watch me model my own clothes and be super happy about it' phase. We're here for it. And the dog.

Caption: <3

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This is how Britney likes to read on her visits to Asia, apparently. And no, no one else in the world was having nearly as much fun as Britney in this moment right here.

Caption: 'Having such a good time on this Asia tour! woohoo!!!!'

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SO HERE FOR THIS LOOK AREN'T YOU? Also that's her little sister Jaime Lyn Spears in the photo with her

Caption: 'Blast from the past wink emojis'

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I like to think that Britney's mum took this photo.

Caption: 'My favourite dress'

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That time Britney brought back the duck face whether anyone asked for it all not

Caption: 'On days where I don't get primped and made up for my show, this is the real unglammed me... so nice to meet all of you! I call this my morning coffee at home look #NoMakeupMonday if you don't count the leftover mascara under my right eye... laugh face emoji'

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Here come the filters. You'll soon see that Britney is a big fan of the 'shocked face' pose.

Caption: lots of emojis. Namely the bikini, the buttefuly, the bow, the purse, the dancing bunny girls and a confetti canon.

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Oh the famous Britney abs. A special shout out goes to the belly button ring that my parents wouldn't let me get.

Caption: five high heel emojis and six lipstick emojis

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This is the moment that the world took the time to take a proper look at Britney's Instagram. The time that she painted a mastetpiece (which was later sold) in a crop and short shorts.

Caption: 'Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!! all the emojis'

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And a fleeting glimpse of Princess Brit in her element: on stage, in Las Vegas, wearing a school tie.

Caption: 'Back on stage tonight! See ya soon!!!'

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If you're the sort of person who stresses about writing the perfect caption to go with your perfect picture, it's cool. Britney is here to show you that they can be completely disconnected and still rake in the likes.

Caption: 'Love is blind'

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We'll allow these intermittent 'look how happy I am with my significant other' picture because as far as celebrities go, Britney doesn't piss everyone off with the typical consistent happy people gloating.

'So in love with this puppy fox emoji @samasghari *pumpkin and ghost emojis'

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The commitment to the fun social mantras is strong.

Caption: 'I'm gonna marry chocolate'

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Another video entry worth revisiting, with a complicated backstory. But basically classic Brit singing in classic Brit voice wearing a LBD.

Caption: 'I was really inspired yesterday by @madonna's post. She's right... silence=death! These words really stuck with me, because they are so true. I've always wanted to do a performance like this... singing in a pretty little black dress, with a simple 360, one take shot! I figured since it was my birthday, why not go for it?! so boom. When the clock struck 12:00, I did it!!! Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes, and for letting me do what I love. I appreciate you more than you will ever know!!!'

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Now, Britney doesn't often dabble in the political world, but when she does, she'll dress for the occasion.

Caption: 'We are all Dreamers sparkle emoji Tell Congress to pass the #DreamAct'

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Evolution of Britney Spears' Instagram

Caption: 'Enjoying the holiday break!'

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What, you don't look like that when sunning yourself on the beach? Me neither but it's okay because, Britney.

Caption: hat emoji, bow emoji

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Britney. Queen of minimally stressful gym selfies.

Caption: 'I love cardio and sweating, but over doing anything just isn't goo. It's been nice working out a little less these last few weeks and enjoying time off with my children!!!'

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If only we all had grand double French doors and a wind machine on standby to recreate these home photoshoots. If only.

Caption: bow emoji

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Told you Britney was all of us.

Caption: 'This was from our lil trip to see Aladdin. What a great show!!!'

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If you can locate this video on Britney's Insatgram, you'll have the pleasure of listening to her pretending to be a cat. A cat with a British accent.

Caption: cat emojis.

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Here's what is most likely the only time Britney has posted a picture of a landscape that she was physically at to shoot. Well done bbz.

Caption: 'Great day behind the lens!!!'

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Clothes shopping for Britney Spears would be really easy, to be fair.

Caption: 'Going out tonight!! Found my red dress!!!!! shoe emojis'

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This is almost definitely what sealed the deal in the KENZO negotiations.

Caption: 'Sometimes you're just trying to get out the door and go to your favourite restaurant when your girlfriend pulls out her phone... so naturally you got to strut like it's a runway show!!!'

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For the record, Britney celebrates St Patrick Day in white, off the shoulder bodycon dresses. No cheesy, offensive gimmick necessary.

Caption: hat emoji, two bunny girls emojis, a clover emoji and a white dove

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One more cheeky Instagram proverb to tease us with before the big reveal of the new, reinvented Fashion Britney.

Caption: coffee emojis

Evolution of Britney Spears' Instagram38 of 38

And now, Kenzo Britney serving those Pepsi ad meets Beyoncé 'Crazy In Love' vibes.

Caption: 'La Collection Memento No2 from @KENZO'

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