British Model Leomie Anderson Highlights The Depressing Lack Of Diversity In The Fashion Industry

The model has taken to Twitter to vent her frustration

British Model Leomie Anderson Highlights The Depressing Lack Of Diversity In The Fashion Industry

by Mollie Wintle |
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The British model Leomie Anderson has blasted make-up artists for being unprepared to work with darker skin. She took to Twitter to speak out against the discrepancy in treatment for different skin colours:

'Why is it that the black make-up artists are busy with blonde, white girls and slaying their make-up and I have to supply my own foundation?' she tweeted. 'Why are there more white make-up artists backstage than black when black ones can do all races' make-up?"

The model, currently in New York, even posted a picture of a make-up artist's station featuring only pale options alongside the words, 'Here are her foundations, yet she confidently put her hand up to take me in her chair.'

'It's not fair that there aren't as many hairdressers or make-up artists that are confident doing all races to a professional standard,' Anderson commented on Instagram after the incident. 'We shouldn't have to feel worried sitting in the chair of a professional that we may not look our best when doing our jobs, unlike our white counterparts.'

This isn’t the first time Anderson has spoken out against the problems the industry has with diversity. She runs a blog, The Cracked China Cup, which has previously discussed the number of black models who feature on the catwalk. She's not the only voice. Last year model Nykhor Paul gained global recognition when she shared her experience, saying: 'Why do I have to bring my own make up to a professional show when all the other white girls don’t have to do anything but show up?'

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