Brigitte Macron Talks About Melania Trump’s Restrictive Life

Brigitte Macron and Melania Trump

by Rebecca Cope |

Brigitte Macron has spoken out about her recent trip to the White House alongside husband and French president Emmanuel Macron, and in particular has detailed how restricted her US counterpart Melania Trump’s life is.

‘She can’t even open a window at the White House,’ she told Le Monde. ‘She can’t go outside. She’s much more constrained than I am. I go out every day in Paris.’

She also commented on her budding friendship with the First Lady, explaining that despite her aloof appearance, she is actually very fun to be around.

Explaining how she has to temper her behavior in public because of how it might be manipulated by the press, she said: ‘Everything is interpreted, over-interpreted. She’s someone who has a strong personality, but works hard to hide it. She laughs very easily, at everything, but shows it less than I do.’

She added that she is ‘kind, charming, intelligent, and very open’ and also ‘actually really fun’. Their friendship is no doubt helped not only by their similar situations but also the fact that they are both fluent in French.

She also said she could empathise with Melania’s plight, saying she experiences similar things: ‘[I have to] be careful what I say. I have the impression that every word is a word too many, I’m constantly holding myself back.That’s the hardest part: there’s never really any time off, never a moment when you can be completely calm.

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