Blurred Lines Singer Robin Thicke And Wife Paula Patton Split After Over 20 Years Together

All that ass-grabbing has finally come between them


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They’ve been together for over 20 years, but all that fame and, er, ass-grabbing has finally come between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton.

The Blurred Lines singer and his actress wife of nine years announced their separation in a joint statement to People saying, ‘We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.’

Thicke was photographed groping a woman’s bum at a party last year, following a period of massive success with Blurred Lines. The video for the song, directed by Diane Martel, caused quite a stir due to the topless women dancing around.

When asked about the video, Patton said, ‘It’s just a video where everyone is having a good time and the women happen to be topless, but it’s not vulgar. I think it’s beautiful’.

In an interview with Oprah last year, Thicke said, ‘I would be lost without her. It is a lot, there are girls throwing themselves at you everywhere you go and you can really lose touch with any sense of reality when you’re a big rock star.’

He went on to admit there was some jealousy, on both parts, telling Oprah, 'Of course when you see your husband romping around with three topless girls, there’s going to be some jealousy, the same way I get jealous if she’s doing a love scene or something. That’s natural. If you don’t have that passion and you don’t have that heat, and you’re not jealous, then something is wrong. She’ll put on a different hat at different times. She’ll go right for supporting the art, and then she’ll be a jealous wife hours later.’

The pair met at a teen nightclub when Thicke was 14 years old, and started dating at 16. They married 12 years later and have a young son, Julian. They walked the Grammys red carpet together just a couple of weeks ago, but even before then, rumours of cheating were starting to emerge.

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