Blue Ivy’s Diva Demands On Jay Z’s Tour Revealed

Three-year-old defies Beyoncé's penchant for a vegan lifestyle, world still spins on axis...

Blue Ivy’s Diva Demands On Jay Z’s Tour Revealed

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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A sneaky sort has managed to find secret details of both Kanye West and Jay Z’s riders. Revealing the nitty gritty to TMZ, they took much care to mention all of Blue Ivy’s dressing room ‘demands’.

Sure, Kanye wants 13 bottles of booze, adding up to $3,200 (£2,075) at each show, and Jay Z allegedly requests that no staff ask him for concert tickets to ‘save embarrassment’, but TMZ would also like you to know about Blue Ivy, who is just three years old. So what’s there to know?

Her demands start with childproofing of everything in the dressing room: ‘The entire suite must be childproofed with all corners, sharp edges, and electrical outlets all covered, and statues, lamps, and breakable objects removed.’ We imagine this clause was borrowed from the rider of a band with a particularly antagonistic member/singer who likes to have a few too many before getting on stage.

As for her drink? She only sips on organic whole milk, which totally goes against her mum’s every-now-and-then-veganism, but we figure, a child gets to have what a child wants and needs. As for daddy’s drinks, Jay Z wants his dressing room stocked with Ace of Spades champagne.

Kanye’s daughter, North West, hasn’t yet made any demands, but let’s bear in mind she’s only going to get older, and if your life consists of wearing Balmain to ballet and (quite rightly) telling paparazzi to leave her alone at age two, we suspect her backstage demands/requirements when she’s a little bit older will have some juicier details.

Like, literally, maybe her drinks request will simply be ‘an assortment of juices’. It’ll certainly be a step up from Blue Ivy’s milk predilection.

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