Blac Chyna’s Mum Took On The Kardashians On Instagram

We're more concerned about if North will be flower girl...

Blac Chyna's Mum Took On The Kardashians On Instagram

by Alyss Bowen |

Remember yesterday when we tried to unpick the whole Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian family tree thing? That was tough. Well, now Blac Chyna’s mum, Tokyo Toni (great, great name) has got involved and had a pop at the Kardashian Klan on Instagram. Supposedly, Kris Jenner and her mob of daughters are not happy with the news of Rob and Chyna's upcoming nuptuals and according to US Weekly, Kris Jenner reckons that Rob is ‘making a mistake.’ This plot is about as thick as a Diner milkshake right now.


Anyways, back to Tokyo Toni. Tokyo (Toni? Miss Tokyo?) expressed her distaste at the Kardashians on Instagram and posted a Photoshopped picture of Kylie, Kim and Khloe crying their eyes out while holding Blac Chyna’s veil. And ohhh my gosh she did not hold back in the comments.

She writes: ‘These reality hoes, you not even going to be invited! I didn’t see the invitation’. This was followed up with ‘NO bitch will ever plan my daughters wedding but “Me” or her! #ps or her bestie – Whoeva that is?’

We have absolutely no idea what is going on and our heads hurt from trying to work it all out. How's about holding the peace and focussing on more important things? Like if North and Penelope will be the flower girls and King Cairo will be the ring bearer. Enough guys, please dear Lord enough.

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