Binky Felstead On Motherhood And Made In Chelsea

The reality favourite chats to Grazia about why it's the right time for her to be back on the show.

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Our reality dreams came true last week when we found out that BFFs Binky Felstead and Ollie Locke were returning to Made In Chelsea. The pair are back on the King's Road for the next series, which starts next Monday, when they will start to plan Ollie's wedding to his fiancé Gareth. And with all the doom and gloom, we couldn't be more excited to lose ourselves for an hour in all the Chelsea gossip.

Binky left the show in 2018 to prepare for the next stage of her life, as she learned she was having her first child, India, with then-boyfriend Josh 'JP' Patterson. But now, as her daughter is two, she feels it's now the right for her to return, even though she says producers didn't stop asking to have her back.

'It's a new chapter,' she tells Grazia over the phone. 'The show have been really good, and respected that my life is very different now and so I can't do as much as before so it's actually felt a bit different this time around. It's lovely.' She adds, 'I think I just wanted to go back under my own time. India's at nursery a couple of days a week now, so you know, being a busy mummy and working, I do have a few free hours, so why not? It's quite a jolly thing to do.'

The reality star also tells us that the decision was made when Ollie and Gareth visited to drink wine. And that she wouldn't be back on the show without him. 'He's one of my closest friends, he's like a brother to me. And it wouldn't make much sense going back if he wasn't on the show - because I wouldn't really know who to talk to. And also, we have fun together and kind of bring a bit of lightness.'

Ollie, speaking to Grazia earlier this week, also told us how happy he was to be back with Binky on the show: ‘I very openly said to her I need my Binky time every now and then: ridiculous time getting drunk.’

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