Bill Cosby’s Victims Finally Have Some Justice, But There’s Still So Much More To Do

Bill Cosby

by Phoebe Parke |

Bill Cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting basketball player Andrea Constand at his house in 2004.

Cosby remains on bail following the trial, but faces 10 years in prison for each of the three counts of indecent assault he was found guilty of at trial this week.

According to reports from the court room, Cosby did not speak while being convicted or testify during the trial, but ‘erupted’ shortly afterward.

It was this outburst that caused the prosecutors to ask the judge to revoke bail as he is a ‘flight risk and has a private plane,’ reports CNN.

‘He doesn't have a plane, you asshole,’ Cosby is said to have shouted. He has now been fitted with a GPS tracking device.

The reactions since news of his conviction broke have been understandably angry and emotional.

As we take a moment to applaud those responsible for bringing Cosby to justice after years of investigation, let’s remember the many other victims who do not yet have justice.

When Cardi B said the Me Too movement wasn’t inclusive, she touched on a point not often spoken about. The young black alleged victims of R Kelly’s abuse, for example, don’t have a public voice like some of Cosby’s accusers do and perhaps because of this it’s not as big a news story.

Some might be worried that while the Me Too movement brings the conversation around sexual abuse out in the open, it ignores those not so prominent victims.

Me Too founder Tarana Burke herself was worried that when the movement became more widely known after actress Alyssa Milano tweeted about it, her groundwork with schools and community groups might be brushed aside.

‘I have to admit that when actress Alyssa Milano first tweeted #MeToo, my initial reaction was panic,’ she wrote in a piece for Glamour Magazine. ‘What if this becomes a popular hashtag, I thought, but it’s not related to the groundwork I laid out?’

It's clear that as Kathy Griffin tweeted today, time’s not up yet.

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