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The Wait For Big Little Lies Two Will Be Much Longer Than We'd Thought


Between multiple award nominations, an A-list cast and plotlines that had us literally screaming at our screens, Big Little Lies was easily one of our favourite TV dramas of this year.

But unfortunately, it seems we’re in for a long wait for a second season. Production is apparently being held up by soaring salary expectations from the show’s leading actors – who include Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern – following the huge success of the last series.

According to an insider, ‘HBO has now green-lit a series two for Big Little Lies, but it’s quickly turning into more of a drama than the show itself. Even by HBO’s standards, who have dealt with this kind of behaviour before on Sex And The City, this is a whole different ball game.

‘For those working on the show, it feels like the actors have been throwing their weight around, knowing that HBO are desperate for them to repeat the success of the first series.’

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‘It will be a miracle if they can make each star happy enough to get the cameras rolling in time.’

The stars’ conflicting schedules are also said to be part of the hold-up. Laura Dern has apparently been ‘difficult to pin down’ since she was cast in the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Reese is also said to be focusing on her most recent project with Jennifer Aniston, which has just been bought by Apple TV.

‘Nicole is also dragging her heels, as she’s now focusing all her energy on awards season,’ continued the source. ‘She’s promoting and filming several film projects, and she’s also keen to meet with Broadway producers in the hopes of starring in a play in New York.’ Only adding to the complications is the fact that Zoë Kravitz is currently in the UK filming Fantastic Beasts, meaning she’s been out of LA for vital meetings about the show.

Production on a second series is reportedly due to start in spring next year, with Liane Moriarty, who wrote the novel the series is based on, confirming she has been tasked with coming up with ‘ideas’ for new episodes. ere has been no official announcement, however.

‘Executive producer David E Kelley is at a loss over what to do,’ added the source. ‘It will be a miracle if they can make each star happy enough to get the cameras rolling in time.’

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