Beyoncé’s Dad Can Make YOU Just Like Beyoncé. For Lotsa Money, Obvs.

You even get to eat lunch with the guy Tina Knowles turfed out for cheating on her...

Beyoncé's Dad Can Make YOU Just Like Beyoncé. For Lotsa Money, Obvs.

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Beyoncé fans. Solange fans. Throw your minds back to when the younger Knowles sister got married to Richard Lawson and some luxurious photos were taken. Aside from being really beautiful shots of all the guests in white in some un-traditional set-ups, like a Vanity Fair shoot, there’s something notable about the photos.

Think about who wasn’t there. Yes, it was Mathew Knowles, dad-of Solange and Beyoncé, who was absent. Why? Well, him and mum-of-Bey Tina Knowles divorced in 2011, with the rumours going that he’d cheated on Tina being compounded by his fathering a child outside of his marriage and, um, allegedly doing it twice (with a second woman).

ANYWAY. Enough of that old man’s willy. Despite basically being cut out of the Knowles family, he insists that by helping Beyoncé's success through the beginnings of her career – from Girls Tyme to Destiny's Child to even managing Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland after the group disbanded – he’s now qualified to teach people about breaking into superstardom.

The world’s a different place from when Beyoncé hit the scene. She works harder than it’s worth imagining and we might never see another superstar quite like her. But Mathew has basically suggested that you too can learn how to be like her in an hour-long workshop!

Titled The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?, the website for the event urges ‘singers, dancers, composers, writers, producers, managers, publicists, attorneys, business managers and all other entertainment industry hopefuls’ to sign up, for $99 to $299 (this higher price gets you a lunch with Mr Knowles).

In return? According to Jezebel, you get his words of advice, and, um: ‘All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion and Knowles reference booklet of industry definitions, contacts and additional useful information.’

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