Everyone’s Freaking Out About Beyonce’s Ridiculously Attractive Cousin

We'd like to be a member of Beyoncé's family too, please

Everyone's Freaking Out About Beyonce's Ridiculously Attractive Cousin

by Alyss Bowen |
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Beyoncé attended her Uncle Skip’s funeral at the weekend (we hope you’re OK, B.) and whilst there, posed for a photograph next to her cousin, Kristin Douglas. Kristin went on to post it on her Instagram, and then the internet lost it’s shit.

I stared at this picture for a good 27 seconds before I realised Beyonce was in it. Kristin (standing on the right in blue) is an other-worldly creature sent down from heaven to make us all jealous of her beautifully symmetrical face. Did we go too far? Nup. We’re sure she’s a great person but my god put that face put it away. LOOK AT HER.


The internet obviously couldn't handle itself either...

Even Kristin's daughter is as really really good-looking as she is. How is it even possible that Kristin has an 18-year-old daughter? Who is even who?! Kristin gained over 40,000 followers after posting that picture, obviously. Because that's how the world works when you're Beyoncé's cousin and you're oh-so-beautious.


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