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Let's Live Vicariously Through Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Incredible Holiday Photos

© Beyoncé

Featuring Blue Ivy, Tina Lawson and a long awaited picture of twins Sir and Rumi

On finishing the European leg of their joint On The Run II tour, The Carters - Jay-Z and our queen Beyoncé - took a little trip. And when we say 'little', we mean a colossal, multi-million dollar excursion that'll make you question why you even bothered booking that long 'Instagram-friendly' weekend to Seville this summer.

The couple boarded a $160 million super yacht and sailed across the Italian coastline to live out the week-long holiday of our dreams. Lucky for us, pictures of their vay cay were uploaded to Beyoncé's website and while it may be the closest we'll ever get to The Carter way of life, at least we can live vicariously though their snaps as we begrudgingly trudge to and from work in the stale and heavy record-breaking British heat.

A quick peruse of the album and you'll spot that the whole gang made it on the trip. There are cute pictures of Bey and Jay spending quality time with six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, mum Tina Lawson was also spotted and we've finally been blessed with a heart melting photo of the twins, Sir and Rumi.

It's an endearing and beautiful visual representation of what we all hoped our family holidays would look like: Beyoncé with various drinks in hand, a few obligatory pictures of various sites and museums, 'candid' pictures of the kids and a few of token 'happy couple' shots. Blue Ivy is also on top form serving levels of sass and outfit inspiration that no other six-year-old could pull off. Scroll through and revel in their truly excellent holiday.

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